Thuddy vs stingy

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     Lilla F/Mr.A 

    Registered subMrs™

    Different implements give different type of impact and of course preferences differ. I myself tend to find myself preferring starting sessions with thuddy pain and moving over to stingy after a while. Sirs hand, his belt give nice thuddy pain while our flogger and horse crop gives a nice sting.

    Sir crafted me a wodden paddle for my birthday that after a short learning curve in how to swing it has turned out to be a great implement for both, he starts close to the handle and moves outwards with each swat, and it goes nicely from thuddy to stingy.

    What is your preferred pain and implement for it?

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     Veruca MOD/Mr. Cain 

    Premium subMrs™

    Great topic! I prefer our suede flogger which is pretty thuddy, but Sir can get a good sting out of it depending on how he is swinging it. Sir’s favorite is our crop, and that is very stingy…especially when he uses it on my inner thigh or pussy (OUCH), lol!

    We just recently purchased a new leather, lighter weight, flogger but haven’t been able to use it yet. I am excited to see and feel the difference in that one!


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    Premium subMrs™

    I much prefer thuddy sensations, we have the flogger, we just got a crop and thats got some bite!

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     Lilla F/Mr.A 

    Registered subMrs™

    I feel that the thuddy impacts works better when one wants a lot of impact. Stingy can be very nice but in smaller doses.

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    Registered subMrs™

    Sir likes to start with more thuddy strokes like from His hand or a flogger as a warm-up and then something more stingy like a crop on my ass, thighs and then teasing around my pussy before landing a few there (not too many to prevent later usage by Him there, but enough so i know He has been there)…. He says He loves hearing my moans and my fight of my tears turning into sobs…

    As to my favorite, hard to say as it depends on the mood and scene. His smile and satisfaction at the end makes all of it so worthwhile!

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    Premium subMrs™

    Thuddy is my favourite choice. I love Sirs hands and the paddle. But I like when it’s a bit of both. I love different sensations. From soft to stingy to thuddy 😁

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     subMarie *AMB/Sir Ed 

    Premium subMrs™

    Thuddy or stingy? That is a very tough question. Thuddy floggers are relaxing to me and make me feel as though I am receiving an exotic massage. I love when my Sir alternates between his various implements. Some are thuddy and can pack quite the punch while others are stingy and leave some nice welts. I love when he warms me up with his hands and then uses his various paddles, floggers, quirt, belt, and canes. For added pleasure my Sir will mix in a feather, a soft brush, and one of my favorites which is the Wartenberg wheel. I never know what is cumming next.

    Last night we had a session and he only used his belt while I was in a doggy position. I love the feeling of the leather striking my skin and the way it wraps around my body. Initially it stings but as my skin gets used to the impact it can be quite soothing and turns my on like crazy!

    Other ways to enhance this type of impact play is by using blindfolds and restraints. I really enjoy being strapped in cuffs using the over the door or mattress restraints. Our spanking bench is nice to be strapped to as well. Our most recent addition is a massage table that had added a new element to our play.

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    Premium subMrs™

    My Sir has several paddles of both wood and leather as well as a riding crop and I never know what He will use. I also cannot predict where. This morning He used a double leather strap which was fashioned from some piece of horse harness. He landed a particularly stingy hard one when I was on all fours that connected with my pussy which shocked both of us. A few moments of intense pain yielded intense pleasure. Unexpected and surprising!

    As far as physical preference thuddy wins but the sub in me loves either when it’s over.

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