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    Hi. I go by Cosita. My Sir is my Papi. We are still very new and still figuring out where we fit in lol. I’m still not quite used to being able to ask Papi to hit me harder. My voice gets high and squeaky and shrinks. It took me forever to even approach Papi about it. However now that he knows I crave that impact during play, he hasn’t had any issues delivering. On those days when I feel angry and sad and hopeless, a good impact really helps. What is it about the pain that not only makes the climax better and harder, but helps me feel peace? Its not a punishment its sometimes used as a reward for when Papi is very pleased with me or when I have an off day and bring it to his attention that I feel weird inside instead of acting out. Why does getting spanked resolve those issues I can’t even identify? Why is it that it’s not just about him taking control, it’s also about the fact that He likes it too? Why is it that we can now enjoy the impact without feeling shameful or angry with ourselves and each other? Why is this so magical? Does anyone else feel that way?

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    I can totally relate. There is a calmness that comes (and cums, lol) after the impact…and the harder Sir takes me, the calmer I am after. I’ve even had people at work tell me I seem more relaxed the day after some good impact.
    As to why? I don’t really know…it’s just something I seem to require to have inner peace at times. I am still evaluating and trying to figure it out myself! 😉

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    Therapy spankings/impact… Sir would do therapy spankings

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