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    We are still exploring impact play, so last week we did a scene with me on Sir’s lap with my butt exposed and ready for play. Getting comfortable has been an issue in the other times we have done impact play, and really….spanking to relax me is what’s been done mostly. The purpose of the scene last week, was to continue exploring the type of impact I like and if impact could be pleasurable for me. Well…in this position, getting comfortable wasn’t a problem. I got quite comfortable very quickly, and my Sir started different impact toys, his hand, etc. along with a vibe. After good communication, Sir and I both figured out some things that I enjoyed and then he gave me so much pleasure! He was swatted me quite forcefully, but I didn’t even flinch or register any pain, the pleasure was so good! It felt like it was only 30 minutes when in fact it had been 90 minutes. I couldn’t believe it! Staying in pleasure mode has been challenging as well, but it wasn’t an issue during this scene. Probably the most undistracted I’ve ever been during playtime. It was great!!!

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    Hello Minx,

    The scene sounds amazing! I love that you have a purpose for the scene, as well. Thanks for sharing.

    Belle Soumice

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     subMarie *AMB/Sir Ed 

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    I crave impact play! Be careful because it can become very addicting. LOL!!! How did your Sir feel about giving you the impact? My Sir gets as much from it as I do. We both receive an amazing release and often end by thanking each other. “Thank you!” “No! Thank you!!!”


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    My Sir loves giving me impact play. It is awesome for us both as he enjoys making me red…though not intentionally trying to mark me. If a mark happens, no big deal. We just don’t want to make that a goal for the time.

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    Wow, 30 minutes! I am impressed. I would have been in tears after 10 minutes

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     Hisgirl/dan m 

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    I love impact play! Sounds like a great scene.

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