Increased orgasms with rough play

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    I was openly defiant all day. Maybe I was testing my boundaries to see if he would follow through on my disobedience or maybe I was sulking because I was unhappy because we hadn’t had sex in 2 days. That evening he asked me to do something and I told him no. I could see I had gone too far as he ordered me to the bedroom and to be waiting naked in a submissive position. But I still took my sweet time to do it. He used the belt on me twice for the defiance and the attitude. He cradled my face and explained why I received a punishment.I thought we were done.

    He pushed my body up against the bed which is so high that in order for me to bend over it I am on my tippy toes which is not very comfortable. My hands were placed above my head in the “bound” position, no restraints needed, I know better than to move them. I could feel the flogger tap against my legs spreading them as far as they would go. The taps turned to actually flogging on my inner thighs, ass, and stroking/penetrating it inside my cunt. Without warning, he thrust all his fingers inside me which was extremely wet, I gasped, orgasming immediately and gushing all over his hand. He took the liquid and spread it all over my lower body. Without stopping the unrelenting fingers inside me, he turned the flogger around and used the handle on me. I lost control as the pain exploded over my wet and very sensitive skin, I didn’t understand how I could keep orgasming, squirting and yet the pain was had me crying. He could see me squirming and stopped. I crawled up on the bed at his command on all fours and whispered for him to take me roughly. I stayed in that sweet sub space as he grabbed the back of my head and pinned me there, taking me violently from behind until I thought I would split.

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    Dear Cherished,

    I love that you shared your experience. Pain play is difficult to understand at times, so it really helps me/us to read the detail of how it can be implemented into a dynamic. I also love the addition of a strict lecture from your Dom.

    Belle Soumise

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    Sounds like he put you right into a subbie space! You sure do got yourself a Dom that knows what you need. Bravo for taking your punishment like a pro. Love how you know not to move your hands. Like they were bound in respect instead of rope.


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    Thanks for sharing this scene. Amazing how pain can turn so pleasurable. As well as how defiance turns into a peaceful calmness after such rough play…

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