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    Sir and I were reading together one night, and the topic of masochists came up. I told him I felt that although I know he is not a sadist (he gives me my pain for me and no other reason), I really felt like I was a masochist. He kind of dismissed my comment with a quick, “No your not…you have some masochistic tenancies, but I don’t think you are actually a masochist.” My feelings were a bit hurt at this, but I didn’t say anything until DT later. DT was a bit uncomfortable because I was trying to explain to him (apparently not very well) what my reasons were for taking on this “title” (for lack of a better term) and he still wasn’t hearing me. He made it into a conversation about him and what his limits are instead of just hearing what I was trying to explain to him.
    So my question to you all is…how do you explain being a masochist to someone who is not on the same wave length as yourself when it comes to understanding the concepts of sadism and masochism? When its not an issue of being educated about it, but of not feeling the urges themselves?

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    I’m sure there are alot of ladies here that are more knowledgeable about explaining the finer points of the S/M to their Sirs.

    Personally I love to be hurt spanked etc, but my Sir is as far from sadist as you can get and doesnt like hurting me. What little pain he gives I know its because hes doing it for me. He knows that I like pain and accepts that part as much as I accept that he isnt a sadist. For Sir the pleasure he gets is from my reaction to the pain, whether it be cumming or giggling like a nut, or just moaning like a walrus.

    I dont think you need to whole heartily explain what the concepts of SM are. Im sure he knows what they are and what they mean to a point. I think personally that there are different levels to being a masochist. Some like it hard core bleeding and bruising, others only spankings. He might be saying your not a masochist because his idea of that is a hardcore lady that needs to be beaten bloody to some extent.

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    I really didn’t think of my self as a Masochist, but I do derive pleasure from some pain. I love the pain of being spanked, I love the pain from nipple play/torture, and flogging my ass or clit. My Sir was not sure about all this when I started asking him to do it as he was not a sadist. But the more we play, the of a sadist he is becoming I think. At first it was all for me, seeing how my body reacted and how I actually cum when he is does it has got him more interested. I know he likes how my ass turns red now after a good spanking and flogging now… Neither of us are into drawing blood or damaging my body, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a masochist and he a sadist. Although he and I have never had a talk identifying each other as such either.

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