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    An ordinary afternoon, an ordinary chore of putting away groceries while Sir carried them in. Suddenly without warning, he grabbed my arms and forced me up against the stove which was not on! His mouth covered my protests to close the freezer door and let me put the milk away. His one hand held my arms behind me so I would stop fighting him and the other hand roughly and painfully fingered my clit. He smirked as immediately I gushed into his hand. I was no match for his strength as he shoved me roughly towards the bedroom. There he pushed me to the ground and yanked down my leggings as he spanked me for resisting him. Commanding me to be still, he fastened leather cuffs to my wrists, a matching collar to my neck with the buckle pulled tight, and a chain fastened from the collar to my wrists. I could still kick at him when he forced my legs open. I stopped resisting when he brought the crop out. It stung especially when he aimed it for my tender and very wet clit. He pulled me up to the fireplace which was on. With my back against it, he used the crop to spread my legs apart. I squirmed as the heat from the fireplace grew too warm, I could feel the chain growing very hot…I begged for mercy but he would not relent as the crop continued to rain down on me and now juices from my vagina dripped down my legs. Without warning, he marched me to the mirror and forced me to look at myself….naked, bound and so vulnerable. He then begin to thrust this fingers into my vagina, circling my clit and our eyes met in the mirror as orgasms wracked my body. I leaned back against him allowing his hand to go inside me deeply and I squatted on his fist. The orgasms grew harder and the gushing was non stop. I cried out in pleasure the type of primal groan that begged to be penetrated, to please please come inside me and my vision narrowed as I allowed my mind/body to submit to his bidding.

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    As always, your writing is hot, hot, hot Cherished! The way you write about your experiences draws me in and makes the scene come alive.

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    Very nicely written Cherished! So real and reminds me of similar experiences with my Sir… Love it when He surprises me like that too…

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