A Carven Tree

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    While my Queen was here with me, W/we decided to do a cutting. A tree, a fitting symbol: i feel extraordinarily connected with trees and O/our wedding ring is a Tree of Life, so naturally, i wanted to wear this symbol upon my flesh.
    We used an X-acto knife with new blades, a tomato, a chart of places to cut and not to cut, and ethyl alcohol, latex gloves. She first practiced cutting the tomato, as it has a tendency to be like human skin, just enough to break the surface and open the flesh a little. I could feel Her nervousness like an electric current…i wasn’t nervous so much as excited and i trust Her with my heart and body, so i wasn’t terribly afraid. We had a chart from the inter webs about places on the body where it was entirely safe, somewhat safe, and never safe to cut or lacerate.
    She sterilized my skin wearing latex gloves, drew out a tree design on my leg with a thin Sharpie, and began the cutting. At first she was VERY tentative…scratching rather than cutting. As She progressed along the design, She grew braver. The stinging pain was like a song in my veins and i could feel my heart swelling with love, that She was able and willing to give me such a profound gift. With every additional inch that She carved, i felt so much closer to Her, so entwined, so loved and loving.
    When She was finished, the design was welling blood, but not excessively so. As the next days passed, the design darkened and now is a slightly raised beautiful burgundy scar. I don’t know how long it will remain, but there it is. I think this was an incredible growing experience for both of U/us.

    It was primarily a trust exercise: me trusting Her, and Her trusting Herself. i know that She struggles with craven longings at times and She was afraid that She would want to go too far. i trusted that She wouldn’t and it brought us closer, ultimately. Now i have a very tangible reminder whenever i look at my left thigh. Of Her, of Her presence, of Her skill, of Her heart.

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    Yay! Sounds amazing consort! What a great way to be even more intimate with your Queen/wife 😀
    I’m happy to hear you trusted in her to not go too far and she didn’t which is great!
    Also good job on being safe and clean about it. If it’s deep enough it may form a faint scar, something to remember forever and if not, she can do it over so that it stays.
    We have done cutting but never a particular shape though I have seen cool designs done so we may have to try.

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    I am fascinated beyond words. How? How did you bring this up? Was it because you felt Her longing or was it your longing that She felt? What kind of research did you do with your Queen? Was this just as magical as it sounds? Did you both enjoy it? I can understand you not being afraid as you trust Her, and it sounds like She was able to trust herself because you trusted Her; is that accurate?
    Always a fascinated and curious Cosita

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    consortandpet, I have never tried cutting it’s really not my thing but I do understand the bond, trust and the emotions you were feeling between you and your partner. When Sir and I started D/s I trusted Sir to give me what I needed with pain but I also felt Sirs nervousness and care within himself the first few times and how far Sir would go for me. I was proud of Sir and knew it took a lot to do what I was asking of him not just in D/s but acknowledging what I needed. Being a masochist isn’t easy for someone that didn’t relate to being a sadist and didn’t think he would enjoy giving pain. I think a masochist and their partner have a great bond between one another because they push the boundaries sometimes where others won’t go. When they believe in who they are and the connection that they have when they do and it is very special.

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