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    I love to journal-honestly- I put it off but do love it. It is cleansing and healing, it helps me sort my thoughts, sift fact from emotion and often changes my perspective on somethings. One of my favorite ways to journal is a word study. While working in the schools I realized many students didn’t understand the words they were trying to use (some staff too) When a student would use a word and I was pretty sure he/she was just repeating what they had heard- I would hand them a dictionary and have them “look it up”

    One word “society” uses but I don’t believe understands is “submission” – one of my very first journals after starting D/sM was on submission. I can’t find original journal but it went something like this-

    1 a submitting or surrendering 2 resignation, obedience 3 a submitting of something for consideration
    submissive-yielding, docile
    submit 2 to yield to the power or control of another

    What being submissive is NOT— it is not being a door mat, it is not being abused, it is not giving up opinions, it is not being a slave. It does not make me mindless.

    What being submissive IS— it is giving my Sir the power and authority over me, it is being a partner, it is having my opinion heard and then accepting him making the final decision, (some of those decisions went the way I hoped and some did not)

    It is freedom to relax and let him be in control of things- it is a trust and gift I choose to give to my husDOM.
    (I still manage finances- but discuss with him any changes or concerns)
    It is the pride in taking care of needs, his and household- not that he couldn’t but because it is my gift to him.

    I hope this is helpful and encouraging to those starting their journaling journey as well as to those of us who have been doing it for a while.


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