Freedom, It Feels So Good

It feels so good to be back in his hands again. The freedom to moan from his impacts.. Feels so at home coming from my lips…

His direction is swift and confident. He leads and I follow. The heat coming from my skin is hot and delicious. I can’t get enough.

A spanking…. It feels so good.

LK ❤

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          1. We did giggle a lot I told here about my punishment and episode with clit gel and she told me about her weekend away. It was fun. 🙂

          2. We were so busy talking about her weekend and my Sir, that I forgot to ask her about your little experience, I will have her tell me it tommorow when I talk to her.

          3. I will just say that it wasn’t as bad as your experience…just happened at the wrong time. Lol! I told your Sis that we need to hook up before I leave for vacation Thursday.

          4. I am so excited for you and your Sir’s, vacation…how fun that would be to take off 3 weeks and drive through our beautiful country…and relaxing…our vacations usually tire me out…Disneyland and the beach…the beach not so much but Disney is exhausting, that is why we do Disney first half of week and then the beach the second half.

      1. Lol! You go girl don’t do anything I wouldn’t do. I have a lot of crap to do in 2 days. Lol! Plus Sir came home at 3:30 last night just as I went to bed and decide it wasn’t time to sleep. Lol! Was up til 6 am…didn’t get up til noon today now I’m getting maps updated on gps, setting the lights to turn on when and where than I need to get crap done which may be hard to do with Sir home. Lol!

        1. You go girl! Rock both your worlds. Lol! That’s how I exercise, what can I say. Sir just made meatballs and some more eggplant. So I guess we are having pasta tonight. 🙂 I need to set up electronics in car today so I’m ready to rock when we leave.