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Wonderful Weirdos Day | Anniversary Day

Wonderful Weirdos Day, Wedding Anniversary Day, subMrs, How to celebrate your unique characteristics, Celebrate your differences

September 9 All day

Many times I have been titled a weirdo. September 9 is my day, Wonderful Weirdos Day!  Those of us that are different or WEIRD today is our day to get out and celebrate our uniqueness! All those with Quirky Characteristics, nerds, geeks, poindexters, dorks, dweebs, bores …today we salute you! If anyone ever called you weird this is your day to call them up and invite them to celebrate your differences!  The weirder the celebration, the better. You offer them a look into your wonderful world of madness or quirkiness. Do something that celebrates the weird in all of us. Think about what makes you different and apply it to your day with who you want to share the day with!


If your wedding anniversary happens to fall on this day, like LK & Mr. Fox … Then you are to celebrate as two married weirdos would! Today, Mr. Fox and I share in our WEIRD 32 years of marital bliss together! The last 10 have been our most wonderful and weirdest! We will make sure to take the Wonderful Weirdos Day and celebrate what makes us weirdest to most people, our dynamic, Married Dominance and Submission. Anyone else share in this wedding anniversary day?


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