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The Art of Sploshing | Sex and Food

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November 11 @ 9:00 pm 10:00 pm EST

The Art of Sploshing. This month Club Erotica celebrates November with the art of sploshing. Sploshing, a (WAM) wet and messy fetish, is a form of sexual fetishism whereby a person becomes sexually aroused when copious amounts of a substance, like food, are applied to the naked skin, face, or to clothing, by themselves or others. This month, learn some tips and tricks around sex and food for a bit of erotic fun!


Eating is a NOVEMBER NECESSITY, so here at Club Erotica, we also lick, suck and swallow!  All that yummy cum! It’s a favorite for many of us.  Unfortunately, it is not known to fall in any food group. Likewise, it doesn’t have much nutritional value.  Let’s focus on our need to add some nutrition to our kink for our health!  (Yeah, that’s it! Wink…Wink…….) November is a month for food. Most importantly, Thanksgiving! However, National Calzone Day (November 1), National Sandwich Day (November 3), National Sundae Day (November 11) and several more foodie holidays fall in November.  How do we combine food and fucking? Well, by Sploshing of course!  Think of it – ice all over your body… the taste of honey as you lick it off his stomach on your way to his cock… your Sir licking chocolate syrup off your tits and whipped cream off your ass (or you licking it off HIS ass!).  MMMMMMMMMM,  YUMMY!  Join the Erotica Club Manager, Trixie, for a discussion about the art of sploshing, using sex and food.

subMrs Show & Tell of course…. Bring your favorite foods for fucking and tell us how you or your Sir have used them!

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