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Energy and Spirituality | The Energy of Water | Community Live Chat

April 9, 2021 @ 9:00 pm 10:00 pm EDT

The subMrs Energy and Spiritually group is hosting a discussion on The Water Element or The Energy of Water. In fact, the whole subMrs Community is celebrating a month of April Showers! Will April shower you with improved energy and spirituality, too? Without a doubt, find out how to ensure a month full of flowing surprises.

What is Water Energy?

Water contains potential and kinetic energy. Potential energy is energy stored. Meanwhile, kinetic energy creates movement from stored potential energy. Consequently, the kinetic energy of water makes it strong enough to move mountains. Yet, it is gentle enough to bathe in. Also, water aids in the digestion process. It provides the body with needed nourishment. We need the energy of water within us to enjoy our D/s-M dynamic. Best of all, water is the one necessity to keep us hydrated. Let those juices flow. Have you ever felt rejuvenated after a nightly swim? Or had your worries melt away in a nice warm sensual bath? Water is a mystical creature with a special sort of magic. The kind of magic that is good for the energy and spirituality of the subMrs soul.

Dive in with Kleine, the subMrs Energy and Spirituality Group Head. Don’t miss her under water exploration on the many ways to indulge in the powers of water. Most importantly, she will be discussing how to enhance our water pleasure by adding crystals, salts, oils and more! Join her on April 9th 9PM (E) for an Energy and Spirituality group discussion about Water and the energy contained within it.

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