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submissive Journal Prompt | Theme for January 2019 | Mind, Body & Spirit of a Married Submissive

January 6

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submissive Journal Prompt | January 2019 Month Theme

Mind, Body & Spirit of a Married Submissive

This whole month’s submissive Journal Prompts are about taking out the old and bringing in the new.  A new space, a clean slate, a fresh perspective.  This way you can set up the foundation for the rest of the year.  The married submissive, or anyone is made of up Mind, Body & Spirit.  These things are what we take a look at this month.  Restore, Renew & Refresh…..

This week’s submissive journal prompt is to first identify where you are today in your Mind, Body & Spirit.  Give yourself 2 columns for each, Column 1, your mind, where is it today? What plagues it, what keeps you up at night, what brings you anxiety? Column 2, your mind, what brings it or you peace, happiness, calm?  Then your body, where are you with it today, improvements in it internally or externally?  In its second column place your visual of how to achieve these things or visions.  Then finally, which maybe should be the primary, your SPIRIT.  Your spirit is the part of you that is non-physical and consists of your character and feelings.  Spirit is the liveliness, energy and principle that someone shows in what they do or who they are.  In the first column write about where your spirit today may feel held back, confined or limited and whom places those upon it. Then in the second write what may free your spirit from each one of those things you have written in the 1st column. Of course you can add another column to all three in regards to only your D|s-M dynamic.  A happy person or woman, makes for a very happy submissive or subMrs!


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