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submissive Journal Prompt | The submissive Spirit

January 27

submissive spirit, submissive journal prompt, married submissive, D|s-M

submissive Journal Prompt | The submissive Spirit


This week’s submissive Journal Prompt is about the submissive spirit.  The married submissive spirit,  your Spirit, what makes you tick, what is it that makes you soar inside? What makes you smile 😃….. I hope that serving your Sir is one of those things.  Today, let’s think on the overall scale of things, not just submission.  Personally, what brings you happiness, who brings you happiness.  Look at your other column you made a few weeks ago, the first week’s journal prompt.   Sometimes there is someone who stands in the way of your happiness, that squashes your spirit or limits it. Your spirit grows and changes through out the different stages of life.  Is it time to let go of the old parts of your spirit and make space for the new.  Letting go is never easy.  Maybe it’s time to look into what makes you happy today instead of what made you happy before. Sometimes life puts things in your path, roads that you once wanted but no longer make sense for you or bring you happiness as they once did.  Write in your journal’s this week about how to take that first step into becoming your NEW and CURRENT submissive spirit.



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