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Jan 13

submissive Journal Prompt | The submissive Mind

January 13, 2019

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submissive Journal Prompt | The submissive Mind

The rest of the month (Mind, Body & Spirit Month) we will be focusing on one of these each week.  This weeks journal prompt is about the submissive mind or the mindset and overall thoughts that we may want to extinguish or encourage…  If you are in general a happen and good energy person then you will take that into your submission and role as a married submissive wife. We are cleaning out the old and making way for the new.  Essentially, I like to think of this like when you get a chemical peal of your skin on your face. It’s harsh and can hurt but after a bit you come out shiny and fresh and renewed.  In your previous journal prompt you wrote about the things that are weighing down your mind. The other column is about the joy it means for you if those issues were gone.  You have identified these things.

Naming the Issue

This week we want to be able to “name” this thing or issue.  If you name something it becomes real.  You now can deal with what you name it.  How do you let go of it, Forgive it, or make it better?  In essence take the problem and make is disappear or turn it into a positive.  So name your thing or things…. in your journals….. Decide if they need forgiven, let go of (Never forgotten) or changed into a positive.  Write beside them which they are.   Look at your other column and remind yourself what it would mean to you in the long run to be rid of this “thing, now names”  that plagues your mind.  Then write a first step you can take, even if it’s the smallest step list it beside those newly named issues.  You can let go of something by writing about it and putting it in your fireplace and burning it.  You can decide to finally take that stand you have been waiting to do. Draw those lines in the sand and make those perimeters that are long past due in relationships. Lastly, if your mindset on something is an issue then you have to decide to change that mindset regarding it, How else can you think about this “THING” that it now no longer hurts you. Write it down and let it sit, make the decision or a new plan!

You today make the first step in this journey to clear the MIND so you can be the better version of your submissive wife.  Also, once you make that first step then check it off your list and make the plan for the next step and the next! Congratulate and celebrate your every step, that is most important thing to make sure you do.



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