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submissive Journal Prompt | The submissive Body

January 20

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submissive Journal Prompt | The submissive Body

This week’s submissive journal prompt is all about the submissive BODY! We just came off the holiday’s… UGH, if you’re like me, you probably partook in too many goodies and gained weight from it.  I think when the new year comes so do the diets. I think at this stage most of us understand its not about a diet its more about making life changes.

A couple weeks ago you listed the things with your bodies that you want to change, improve or let go of in regards to your body. Many times this has a lot to do with your mind, changing your thoughts in regards to your body.  Let go of the way you look at yourself.  Change those eyes, you know the ones that are harsh and judgmental.  Many of us have to let go of what we used to look like and chasing to relive that body once again. Learn patience with ourselves.  It’s NOT about a number its about finding a feeling of peace with where you’re comfortable.  When you begin this D|s-M journey you want to become a better physical version of yourself.  You want to feel desirable not only to your Sir but to yourself.  How can you do this with the things that you listed that are dragging you down from the past.  What are these things? It’s not all about your weight.   It could be changing habits, getting rid of addictions.  It could be eating better and making better food choices. You may need to start exercising, it’s not about the weight during midlife as it is important to stay flexible and work your heart, your internal health.  It could be going to the Dr. and getting things taken care of that you have put off this past year.  Ladies, make your mammograms and pap-smear appointments and GO to them.  It could be you know there is something wrong, you know your body, go and get an opinion on what may be an issue.  Clear those things off your list that worry you about your health.

This week begin.  Write down a plan, a small first step to make those changes and make a better submissive BODY.




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