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Oct 21

submissive Journal Prompt | Switching

October 21, 2018

submissive Journal Prompt | Switching

This weeks submissive Journal prompt is all about SWITCHING!  Sorry, not the switching you’re probably thinking about…. Most of you just took a deep breath and sighed with relief! Then there some other’s that are looking up “Switching” right now and is putting that on their lists right now! The type od switching I am speaking of is the kind that comes with our PART 3 of this months submissive exercise, AKA 25/5, What’s Most Important to You.  This week you both, husDOMs & subMrs have your TOP 25 things on your list numbered and the TOP 5 highlighted or circled. You have not shared about your lists as of yet.  This week in downtime, you get to SWITCH lists and compare them then discuss them.  Bring your journals subMrs so you can take notes.  I want a really HONEST reactions of his and your lists.  Write it all, the feelings (good and bad) and emotions that you both go through and the break throughs that even occur during.  If you have not shared anything up to now then you really will get to see inside parts of your partner that you may have NEVER seen or heard about up until now.  Be prepared to share your biggest desires and things that you may have only kept close to your heart. Write about just the experience of “SWITCHING” tonight. No answers or plans this entry. Just enjoy the experience. Be prepared to start a wonderful journey of how to take your plans and make them one plan for your D|s-M future. HUGS! lk