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Mar 17

submissive Journal Prompt | St. Patrick

March 17, 2019

St. Patrick's Day, St. Patrick, Gummy Savor Challenge, Nipple Play, submissive journal prompt

This month has the wonderful holiday, St. Patrick’s Day.  If you look him up there is quite a few facts that you wouldn’t believe about him.  One fact that caught my attention was a story about the time Patrick refusing to suck the breasts of a boat captain. As Patrick made his way to Ireland’s east coast and sought passage on a ship bound for Britain. The captain, a pagan, didn’t like the look of him and demanded that Patrick “suck his breasts,” a ritual symbolizing acceptance of the captain’s authority. Patrick refused – instead he tried to convert the crew to Christianity.

This got me thinking about St. Patrick, breasts, nipples and the quote, “Kiss me I am Irish”.  This week in our journal’s let’s talk about breasts and sucking of the nipples.  You can surprise your Dominant husbands with our Gummy Saver’s challenge from the past. Use green or lime flavored gummies on your nipples inside your bra. You can also do a little sucking yourself, not sucking your own nipples, but your Sirs, see if he enjoys the attention. Then this week in your journal write about it. We can chat all about nipples this week in the chat rooms!




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