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Mar 10

submissive Journal Prompt | Mars God of War

March 10, 2019

submissive Journal Prompt, subMrs, husDOM, Mars God of War, Dominant husband

It is the month of March, the month named after the Roman God of War.  Mars was said to love the violence and conflict, only once trapped in a net while making love, that’s another prompt.   He was the protector of Rome.  This week in your submissive journal, let’s talk about how our husDOM’s have protected us.  Is there something we need him to protect us from today? Let’s write about that.  Mr. Fox many times protects me from myself.  Does your Sir protect you from things? Let’s talk about that this week in our journals and in the chat rooms this week.  How does he protect you? How has he not protected you in the past that you may need today or in the future.  Great downtime discussion for D|s-M, Married Dominance and submission couples. Let’s not forget we protect our Sir’s. How and when do we protect them, write about it.