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Showing Gratitude | Masochist Group Chat

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November 22 @ 9:00 pm 10:00 pm EST

Gratitude, or thanks, is something that everyone enjoys and yearns for, whether submissive or Dominant. But, how do you show gratitude when you’re not a service driven sub?

It is in most submissive’s nature to want to serve and please, and many crave the structure of rules and protocols. However, not all submissives are service driven, or service-oriented. Service driven submissives receive pleasure and satisfaction from performing services for and focusing on the needs of their Dominant, rather than on themselves. Many of the services performed can also be ways for the submissive to show gratitude to their Dominant. If you are familiar with love languages, you will know that some people say they care by acts of service.

However, not all submissives are into service. So, if you don’t enjoy performing acts of service, just how DO you show gratitude to your Dominant? Join star, our Pain Play and Masochism Group leader, to find out ways you can give thanks to your husDOM when you’re just not into providing services.

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