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Submissive Live Chat | The Feed and Care of Your Dominant Husband | Married Dominance and Submission

April 19, 2021 @ 9:00 pm 10:00 pm EDT

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Are you an experienced or SEASONED submissive? If so, this is your subMrs community submissive Live Chat! subMrs Dixie and her Sir have been a part of the community for nearly six years. During that time, they have attended multiple subMrs community events. As a result, Dixie fell in love with dressing up in costumes and accessorizing. So, she invites all seasoned subMrs to join her in dressing up as a chef, French maid, or whatever your imagination can conjure up. Of course, the idea is to dress up as a subMrs who feeds and cares for her dominant husbands. Do you have a favorite cook book or box of recipes? Well, bring your favorite props! Of course, this is voluntary fun. Dressing up is not a requirement.

This is a seasoned submissive live chat that provides a recipe for success. Step one, just like a great recipe needs a base, so a D/s-M relationship needs a solid foundation. Dixie will share the importance of a solid foundation. Step two, encouragement in the form of compliments and ego stroking is just as vital as using a hand mixer. Step three, guidance helps the dominant husband move forward in his role. Therefore, feed back and open communication are as important as a well oiled pan. Step four, the final step in feeding and caring for the dominant husband is indulgence. That’s right ladies, indulge his needs is like icing on a cake.

Dixie looks forward to seeing the subMrs communities seasoned subMrs on Monday, April 19th at 9 pm (E).

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