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Sadomasochism | Using S&M in Your Scenes

Sadomasochism, Using S&M in Your Scenes, Masochist Mindset, subMrs, Pain Play, Dominance and Submission, D|s-M

The theme this month on subMrs is Scening in September. This month in the S&M/Pain Play Group we will discuss using S&M in your scenes. What details makes up an S&M scene? How do you take a D/s scene and make it a S/m scene?

Every submissive is different in what makes us tick or what’s our flavor of pain. We will also discuss, what gets you into your masochism mindset before scening, keeps you in during. Where is your mindset after a S/m scene? Do you add sadomasochism to your scenes, would you like to?

Join Group Leader, star for a chat to share ideas and learn what makes your fellow subs “cry out” for MORE!

Sing like Rianna “Chains and Whips they excitement me! ” (SCENE PLAYLIST ALERT!)

September 22 @ 9:00 pm 10:00 pm EDT

Zoom live video chat link is posted 15 minutes before scheduled chat time in the subMrs General Chat Room.

Video and audio are optional for our new or shy subMrs

Elite Members Only!


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