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Orgasm Control | subMrs subShare | Live Video Chat

May 18, 2021 @ 9:00 pm 10:00 pm EDT

Join subMrs Ambassador, Wench, for a live video chat on Orgasm Control, May 18th @ 9pm (E)

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subMrs Wench…5+ years of Orgasm Control

Orgasm Control: The lights are low, your husDom or Dominant has told you what he will be doing to you/with you. He tells you what he is expecting from you. Your nipples harden in anticipation and you get that wonderful butterfly/tingling sensation in your belly and lower. He puts your cuffs on and as he puts your blindfold on he whispers in your ear:

“you may not cum until I tell you to”

Edging…. Orgasm Training…. Orgasm on Command…. the rabbit hole of orgasm control! Do you feel entirely bonkers when your dominate says you can’t cum?? What if he makes you wait days? How mad is that? No matter what we call it, subMrs Wench has more than 5 years experience with her husDOM in the area of submissive orgasm control.

Join me, Wench, May 18th at 9pm (E) as we discuss the benefits of orgasm control and how we can achieve it. The benefits and frustrations and how we each work through them. 💋

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