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New to Dominance and Submission | Start Up Method

New to Dominance and Submission, Start Up Method, Married Dominance and Submission, subMrs, D|s-M Start Up Method, Live Video Chat, Introductory Chat for new members

August 30 @ 9:00 pm 10:00 pm EDT

New to Dominance and Submission? New to Married Dominance and Submission, D|s-M? This is your chat to attend. You can be new to D/s or just new to D|s-M. This chat will be reviewing the start up method to Marriage’s Sexiest Secret, The Ultimate Marriage Accessory!

Hello, Are you new here? This is a great introductory chat because it is LIVE VIDEO and you can talk and meet subMrs within the community.

What makes subMrs, husDOM and Marriage’s Sexiest Secret different is we offer a start up method and a community that sub-ports married submissives and Married Dominants separately. This allows each member to discuss and grow as an individual as well in their roles and dynamic! Our members respect the sanctity of marriage and we promote monogamy and feel it is important to have an entry fee to keep away trollers and individuals that may hurt your marriage instead of be living it as you wish to.

Come join Sweetness, our New subMrs Mentor for her chat Monday, August 30th, 9pm (E)

Video and audio are optional for our new or shy subMrs!

Elite Members Only!


Interested in becoming part of the secret, Marriage’s Sexiest Secret? To become an ELITE member of our Dominance and submission Communities, please see links, subMrs.com and If your husband cares to sate his interests in becoming or learning about becoming a husDOM, send him this husDOM link.  We are currently offering a 20% annual membership discount on subMrs and husDOM until end of AUGUST!

Want a taste of it all? We do monthly podcasts, subscribe to Marriage’s Sexiest Secret and husDOM podcasts.


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