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New Moon Ritual | subMrs Journal Prompt

April 12, 2021 All day

New Moon Ritual

subMrs Journal Prompt

New moon rituals are a great way to embrace your inner subMrs. It’s a mad world in wonderland, so now is the time to center yourself and think about how you want to evolve as a subMrs. Journaling is a great way to set intentions for the month.

What is the New Moon?

The word moon is derived from the Latin word metri, meaning to measure and mensis which means month. The moon was given its name because the moon is used to measure the months of the year.

New moon rituals take place during this time of the month because the new moon is the beginning of the lunar cycle. It occurs when the moon is in alignment between the sun and Earth. When this happens, the sun is not illuminating the moon so it blends in with the night sky making it the darkest night of the month. This also means that, for astronomers, there is no moon in the sky!

Many ceremonies, holidays, and rituals from various cultures are based on the phases of the moon in the lunar cycle since the new moon marks the beginning of the month in the lunar cycle. For example, there is a gardening ritual that promotes planting above ground garden vegetables between the new and the full moon.

New Moon Ritual: Journal Prompts

Here at subMrs, we like to embrace the new moon with a journal prompt. So, tumble down the rabbit hole with us and make a cup of tea (or your favorite beverage), grab your subMrs journal, light a candle and relax. Tonight, is all about harnessing the feminine energy of the new moon and trying something new. Take a few minutes while enjoying your beverage of choice and think about your subMrs dynamic. Is there something new you would like to try? Let it be your new moon intention and journal about it in your subMrs journal. Then request downtime with Sir and read him your thoughts.

Last Full Moon, did you start a new project or let something go? If you did, write tonight how it feels now that you finished a project or even the thing you may have let go. We can chat all week about what your subMrs journals reveal.

Happy New Moon!


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