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National Shower with a Friend Day | Water Fun Day

Shower with a friend day, shower sex, BDSM watersports, Shower sex positions

February 5 All day

Winter is cold and lonely for some. Daylight hours are still short which can cause feelings of depression and despondence. However, this holiday may be just what you need to lift your spirits and leave you feeling squeaky clean. National Shower with a Friend Day was created to educate people about the benefits of filtered, chlorine-free water. But here on subMrs we will give it a little twist!

We all shower, so why not enjoy it with someone special. Here are a few ways to enjoy a hot, steamy shower with the one you love.

Shower Sex Starts with Planning

  • Begin with communication. Just like with everything in this dynamic, communication is key. Not everyone enjoys shower sex, so discuss it in downtime and make a plan.
  • Gather your supplies. You will need silicone lube…yes LUBE! Just because you are all hot and wet, doesn’t mean your sexy bits will be smooth and slippery. The water is washing off all your natural body oils and fluids, so lube it up!
  • Lather, rinse, and repeat. Those instructions don’t just apply to shampoo, however it does feel great to have your hair washed for you. But don’t forget to suds up your Sir. Gliding your hands all over his hot, wet, naked body is the sexiest part.

Making Shower Sex MORE Fun

  • Toys make everything more fun. Don’t forget to bring along your favorite waterproof toy or maybe a suction dildo. Adding a waterproof vibe or butt plug can make your shower steamier. Try adding some sensation with a loofa or shower brush. Those suction dildos can be adjusted to different heights and angles to add a different element to your play.
  • Experiment with different positions. Just because most people stand to shower, doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with shower sex positions. Standing Doggy, Ballet Dancer, or Stand and Deliver are all great shower sex positions. The Chairman, Face Off, The Caboose, and Champagne Room are all great positions if your Sir sits in the shower or on a shower bench. And for some great oral sex in the shower try Standing Oral or Bullseye.
  • Want to find out about Water sports…no, I’m not talking about water polo! Water sports, golden showers, can be intensely personal and sensual. If you’ve ever wondered about them and maybe wanted to stick your toe in the water, so to speak, in the shower is the best place to start. And if you’ve been too uptight to relax enough to squirt for your Sir, you can do it in the shower and not worry about clean up after! Try your hand…..but your Sir’s is better…..at squirting in the shower!
  • Your Sir is away today? Don’t fret….your can still shower with a friend today! With your Sir’s permission, just grab Delta and celebrate today’s holiday. She is always happy to join any shower games you might play. Solo shower pleasure is great with the help of your handheld shower buddy. Try all the different settings she cums with. Aim them right at your genitals and clitoris for some explosive sex with a friend. You can also invite her to be your third in a threesome scene in the shower with your Sir. No jealousy whatsoever with this friend!!

Safety First

As with any sexy activity, safety first right. Make sure you use a non-slip shower mat for those standing positions. Take your time and don’t try to rush it. Afterward, you still need to make sure everything is clean. And be sure to dry well afterward to prevent any irritation or chafing.

Take time today to Shower with a Friend. You can have fun AND help the environment!


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