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National Saint Andrew’s Day | Saint Andrew’s Cross

National Saint Andrew Day, Saint Andrew's Cross, Twisted Holiday, subMrs, What is a St. Andrews Cross

November 30 All day

National Saint Andrew Day | Saint Andrew’s Cross

Today is Saint Andrew’s Day. Saint Andrew, also known as Andrew the Apostle, was a Fisherman and Christian Apostle along with being the older brother to Saint Peter. He is the patron saint of Scotland, Romania, Greece, Russia, Ukraine and Poland. Patron saints are special protectors or guardians over areas of life. These areas can include occupations, illnesses, churches, countries & causes. Saint Andrew is the Patron saint of fishermen & singers.

November 30th starts off Scotland’s Winter Festival each year as people across the country gather together to celebrate Saint Andrew and share good times. The holiday is a celebration of Scottish culture. This typically includes dancing, music, food and drink, with parties going on long into the cold winter night.

This got me thinking about a BDSM and the use of St Andrew’s Cross. Could we have a “Saint” to thank for such a wonderful piece BDSM of equipment?

Saint Andrew is said to have been crucified on a cross in the form called crux decussata, or X-shaped cross, now commonly known as a “St Andrew’s Cross.” In the Early & Middle ages the cross was the way to crucify a person, or kill them, in a slow way in front of others. The Cross became a popular way in those ages to torture people in dungeons as well. This is the way that the cross became a part of the BDSM scene

What is a BDSM Saint Andrew’s Cross?

A St Andrew’s Cross, also called saltire cross, is an x-shaped cross which is a piece of equipment commonly set up in BDSM dungeons. It has restraining points for ankle’s, wrists, and waist.

National Saint Andrew Day, Saint Andrew's Cross, Twisted Holiday, subMrs, What is a St. Andrews Cross

The cross is usually made of wood, padded wood, or metal frame. It can be free standing, laying on the floor, or attached to a wall.  Restrained to the cross in a spread-eagle position, the submissive will face either the back or front of the cross. Dominants restrain the submissive partner facing the cross most often for whipping or flogging.  Likewise, attaching the submissive with the back to the cross is usually more for sexual bondage or sexual teasing.

In conclusion, thank you, Saint Andrew, for all your blessings and your sacrifice. And for lending your name to something that, in the past was used only to give terrible, unfathomable pain, can now bring sooo much pleasure.

Make sure to give your thanks to Saint Andrew & maybe get tied up tonight… Have fish for dinner and sing a little song!


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