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National Lobster Day | Twisted Holiday | Couple’s Sex Ideas and Inspiration

National Lobster Day, Twisted Holiday, Couple's Sex Ideas and Inspiration, subMrs, husDOM, Lobster Sex Toys, Rock Lobster, The B-52's

June 15, 2021 All day

Happy National Rock Lobster Day! This is a subMrs Twisted holiday. Where couples can get there Sexy Ideas and Inspirations.

So, prepare yourself for a Twisted Lobster day by reading the attached link, National Rock Lobster Day! (Link will not be active until June 8th.) This will give subMrs time to shop for the June 15th holiday.

Sexy Lobsters Lovers are Forever!


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Rock Lobster Video, Enjoy some music as you do your shopping for your Sir!

About Rock Lobster;

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