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National Husband Appreciation Day | Show and Tell | subMrs Twisted Holiday

April 17, 2021 All day

Today is a special day for your husDOM’s, it’s National Husband Appreciation Day! Of course I wanted to twist the holiday and make it National HusDOM Appreciation Day! Some simple ideas how to celebrate this day with your Sir.

  • Make his favorite flavor of cake, splosh with him!
  • Oral sex, add his favorite color lipstick and or some hot tea or coffee !
  • Buy his favorite spirit and accompany it with his very own DOM glass.
  • Buy some new lingerie, his favorite color, surprise him.
  • Take something off his “list to do”.

One thing to make sure you do for him today is show and tell him your appreciation for all he is doing for your dynamic. Verbal and physical stroking are always the best thing to give your Sir as much as possible.

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