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National Go For a Ride Day | Cowgirl Sex Position

November 22 All day

National Go For a Ride Day | Cowgirl Sex Position

Today is National Go For a Ride Day. For those with or without horses, I thought we’d twist the holiday a bit, figuratively and maybe even literally!  But First a quick thought, The Cowgirl sex position, whether you’re doing the classic or reverse, is it a Dominant position?

You have heard the song, save the horse ride a cowboy, right? Well, instead it’s you’ll be the horse and ride your Sir!

The cowgirl is a sex position where the woman is on top of the man.  The top in this position can take full control of the rhythm, speed and depth of sex.  When you’re in this position you can control exactly where and how hard your partner is hitting your G-Spot. Some would say, the woman on top has the control. Does this mean as a subMrs you are being Dominant or taking the Dominant’s role?

It is commonly known in the vanilla world that the cowgirl position is a man’s all-time favorite sexual positions, primarily due to his view from below. Your Sir may, like vanilla men, really like the feeling of being ridden, but is that being submissive or could it just be laziness? Hmmmm… there’s an argument for everything.

In TTWD, we know that the Sir can never be lazy in his sexual acts and not often can he control the need for his control. Even if he is laying on the bottom, he will still be directing the scene, either in the form of thrusting, playing with your clitoris, caressing/pinching your breasts, and he may even change up the position ever so slightly. For instance, there are LOTS of “Cowgirl Positions” to choose from, most popular is the position of “reverse cowgirl”, where the woman turns her back to her partner, instead of facing him in the classic way.

Adding D|s to the Mix

Now to add a little Dominance and submission to the mix, add a little “pony-play”. A bit, blinders/mask, cuffs, cuffed to or clipped to the ankles, Pony Tail (anal plug).  Don’t forget, the secondary pain stimulation that we hate in the beginning but thrive and beg for in the end, Nipple Clamps. Hell you both can even wear a hat for you Western Rider’s, us English Seats, Helmets? LMsAO!  Work for it… November is the time to put your extra in… show him your commitment to your role.  Our Sir’s do love to make us work for it and we so enjoy his recognition of our behavior in aftercare.

Today or Tonight: Celebrate National Go for a Ride Day by going for a ride. Is it a Dominant position? Maybe for vanilla sex, however in TTWD it can become a submissive one. One position you both can feed from! 

This position should be the only “topping” you should be doing today!

Happy Trails,



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