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National Disobedience Day | Funishment Day | Twisted Holiday | July

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July 3, 2021 All day

July 3rd is National Disobedience Day… You naughty readers.. I already know what you’re thinking! Disobedience Day some say is all about living a little harder, breaking free doing your own thing even if it’s not the “NORM” for society, your neighbors or even whom you live with. Today we celebrate National Disobedience Day, as a subMrs Twisted Holiday, in other words, today is Funishment Day. Have you heard this key phrase? “It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission.”

This is a way of life for some. Today it is our Mantra! It’s not about consciously abusing situations but about knowing when to push the boundaries or limits, yours or others. Seeing where this is going? It’s about knowing that the society inherently are naysayers and fight against anything that’s not in their comfort zone and many times fight against what they don’t even try to understand. It’s FEAR OF LIVING…. the opposite of what we should do. In life, some of us recognize that we only have one, and LIFE MUST BE LIVED IT TO ITS FULLEST, no regrets. Today we use this mindset, you gotta just roll the dice and say WTF, What’s the worse that can happen?

If you do TTWD, then you already comprehend how this day may fit you best. Our dynamic choice was once even thought to be a mental condition. Today, Dominance and Submission is somewhat main stream but still VERY MISUNDERSTOOD! No couple I know advertise they are D|s-M to everyone for fear they could loose their jobs, family and vanilla friends. We all understand and live to learn about how this dynamic helps our marriages be that MORE, LIVE THAT MORE! But, never fear, here in our communities you are welcum to be yourself all the time!

The Twisted Part

Today, we want to celebrate by setting up a little funishment with our Sirs. This needs arranged ahead of time so you both can think on how far you want to take this… Today, BE BAD… do something that your Sir can Funish you for! Be disobedient today. My favs are rolling of the eyes, saying NO or Make Me… You can roll play this out as far as you would like. Remember, your husDOM may do the same, fufuill his punishment fantasies. Does being punished turn you on, here is your chance to roll play it with funishment. You may be kneeling on rice later or walking around with sore nether regions.. but how delicious a way to feel! Push those limits on National Disobedient Day. Beg for forgiveness on your knees for what you have done! Afterwards, after physical aftercare, make sure to practice mental aftercare, communication. Talk with your Sir in downtime about the experience, yur likes and dislikes. Then we will chat about it tomorrow here in the community! Have fun with it ..you sexy subMrs!