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Nov 30

Moon Curious | Full Moon, The Beaver Moon | Calendar Twisted Holiday

November 30, 2020

Moon Curious, Full Moon, The Beaver Moon, subMrs Calendar, Twisted Holiday

Moon Curious | Full Moon, The Beaver Moon

The first full moon of November known as the Beaver Moon. This moon you should get in touch with your senses and ground in nature.

Full moons happen once a month when the sun’s rays fully illuminate the surface of the moon. The moon has no light of its own, and when the moon is shining at its brightest and fullest, we’re receiving maximum light, energy & vitality as the sun’s rays bounce off of the lunar surface.

As the chill air of late fog descends, animals begin to prepare their dens for the deep freeze of winter.

In Early America beavers were seen along the banks of rivers and streams, collecting wood to shore up their lodges and dams before the winter sets in. This was also the time Native American tribes and later European settlers set beaver traps to ensure a supply of warm furs for winter. People also refer the moon as a Scratching Moon.  The name evokes an image of animals scratching at the fallen leaves, foraging for fallen nuts or remaining shoots of green foliage.

This time of year, especially after Thanksgiving,  can have all of us feeling similar to the beaver,  lethargic, stuffed, and ready for a long, long winter’s sleep.

Hustle harder to reach a goal, Work a little more to make the money for your holiday shopping. Do those things that you’ve been meaning to do because as Game of Throne’s kept telling us, “winter is coming”.

How to celebrate this Beaver Moon?

  • Have a comfort food dinner, make sure to make things with a wonderful scents.
  • Gather your bath salts or scrubs, surround yourself with crystals and candles. Sit and steam in your scented bath while basking and channel the full moon’s energy. You can say your full moon intentions aloud while you’re relaxing. You can ask her for things to help prepare you for winter, ask for her guidance. Also, think and visualize the things you need to let go of so you can prepare to clean your slate of things that are no longer serving you. Don’t forget to thank the moon for her help. (Include or just prep for play with your Sir).
  • Have a little sexual playtime in the moonlight.
  • Next day journal about your experience with the “Beaver Moon”.

The Beaver Moon falls on this astrological sign, Sagittarius: A Sag is the eternal adventurer, and the full moon, she wants you to broaden your horizons. Embrace the unknown and try something new.

You probably thought I would twist the holiday into how to take care of your “beaver”…  Wow, what are we in 8th grade again? …. LOL… Maybe, I’ll do that next year…  No, seriously while you’re in the bath, do take are of that… HUGS! Happy Beaver Moon!  LK

Moon Curious, Full Moon, The Beaver Moon, subMrs Calendar, Twisted Holiday