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May The 4th Be With You | Star Wars Day | subMrs Twisted Holiday

May 4, 2021 All day

May The 4th Be With You, Couples Twisted Holiday | Live Video Chat, Star Wars or Wand Wars, Star Wars, subMrs Calendar

May the 4th be With You,” this Star Wars Day, May 4th! Observance of the 4th day of May spread quickly through media and grassroots celebrations. The date was chosen for the pun on the catch-phrase “May the Force be with you” which became “May the Fourth be with you“. Celebrate George Lucas’s Star Wars media franchise the subMrs way.

Enjoy this subMrs Twisted Holiday “May the 4th be with you,”

as we celebrate Star Wars Day with a subMrs Twist

For this “May the 4th be with you,” twisted holiday, I encourage you to investigate all the Star Wars sex toys out there on the market. If you and your Sir are like me…I grew up on the original “Star Wars” … Watch the movies and let your Sexual Force Awaken by donning a cute BB8 Droid Orange Spike Collar. Space station ball gag, anyone?

Don’t forget to bring one of the Star Wars personal wand massagers, Darth Vibrator, R2V2 or Vibe Trooper, to the subMrs Sex Toy Workshop, Wand Wars, a Live Video Chat with the subMrs Toy Elf, subRianne, cumming up next Tuesday, May 11th @ 9 pm (E). Check the subMrs Community Calendar for more details. This is an Elite Member Chat.

May the Fourth Be with You! See you at the subMrs Live Chat!

Can’t wait until the 11th? Well, the force is with you! Tonight, join the subMrs Pain Play and Masochism Focus Group Community Group Head, Star, for a chat on Orgasm Control, tonight at 9 pm (E).

Interested in becoming part of the secret, Marriage’s Sexiest Secret? To become a member of our Dominance and submission Communities, please see links, subMrs.com and If your husband cares to sate his interests in becoming or learning about becoming a husDOM, send him this husDOM link.  Want a taste of it all? We do monthly podcasts, subscribe to Marriage’s Sexiest Secret and husDOM podcasts.

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