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Married Submission Live Chat | Get Inspired and Stay Inspired with L.K.

Married Submission Live Chat, Get Inspired and Stay Inspired with L.K., Married Dominance and Submission, D|s-M, Marriage's Sexiest Secret

September 25 @ 8:00 pm 9:00 pm EDT

Get Inspired and Stay Inspired with L.K.’s , Live Chat! These chats are set up for new or experienced members to come and get “a little one on one” with L.K., the founder of the Married Dominance and Submission method. Don’t fret if you want to come but do not think you have a question as L.K. will have questions and answers prepared for you to get you into your subMrs (submissive) mindset, inspiring you to get back into your married submission and back to your Sir with ways to create the atmosphere you both need in your D|s-M dynamic.

This is your supplemental shot for your dynamic and married submission. You have someone to share your secret with here! You let L.K. know where you are in your journey and she can help you with ideas to get to the next level! Discuss ways to go higher or deeper in your submission or scenes/play.

When you attend chats they help feed your submission and helps a subMrs grow in her role! Hope to see you there!


  • Zoom live video chat link is posted 15 minutes before scheduled chat time in the subMrs General Chat Room.
  • Video and audio are optional for our new or shy subMrs
  • Elite Community Members Only


Interested in becoming an Elite member? Become part of the secret, Marriage’s Sexiest Secret!  To become a member of our Dominance and submission Communities, please see links, subMrs.com and If your husband cares to sate his interests in becoming or learning about becoming a husDOM, send him this husDOM link.  

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