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Mar 1

March 2019 | Theme: Spring, A Celebration of Sexual Energy

March 1, 2019

sexual energy, Married Dominance and submission, subMrs.com, MidLifeIntimacy.com

March 2019 | Theme: Sexual Energy

Sexual energy is usually described as something noticed when attracted to someone. Our bodies can feel a rush our private areas feel a “tingly heat”.  Your heart begins to pound and you feel excited or “turned on”.  This is a superficial explanation to something that is so much more, or SHOULD be.  Could sexual energy be our RAW animal instincts? I began Dominance and submission due to reading a book.  When Mr Fox and I started to do our scenes/play, it was PURE MAGIC, actual ELECTRICITY passed between us. We felt it, others felt it. We began to reveal more of our deepest desires and began experimenting until we created and put into practice this energy between us, a drug, neither of us can EVER give up.  In our journey of 7 years in D/s and even in creating a method for married couples to enjoy D|s-M magic, we only have touched the tip of the iceberg in  possibilities that sexual energy has to offer.

All couples have a vast capability & talent for sexual energy, which sadly we leave untapped. This sexual energy is not only a real part of our life force, but it is has the power when used properly to heal your body, minds and spirit.  Sexual energy can bring you endless amounts of pleasure, change your mindset, bring you a full spiritual awakening. The one thing it taught me is this, IT SAVED MY MARRIAGE! D|s-M saved us, raw sexual energy worked for us. Now we are going deeper, MidLifeIntimacy.com. 

Sexual Energy is this months theme, enjoy!

See you on the other side!





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