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Apr 21

Introduction to Monthly a S/submissive’s Ideals | April Shower’s

April 21, 2019

April Showers, subMrs.com, a submissive's Ideals, Married Dominance and submission

This month’s submissive Ideals is about April & its showers.  Our New A S/submissive Ideals are ideas, topics, concepts, intensions, exercises and or challenges, toys and tools for a submissive to do to connect to her Sir and or herself and her submission every month.  These will be posted on the monthly subMrs calendar weekly, every Sunday.  These things are inspired by the month, experiences or topics that the subMrs have mentioned on our live video chats or the sites chat rooms.   I encourage you the first week of the month to look over the that month’s submissive Ideals and put the things into your calendar that you’re interested in taking part in or writing about.  This is the new submissive resource for submissive connection and to use in your married Dominance and submission dynamics.

April & showers…. I almost forgot! This week I want to talk about showers and sex… Rain Showers, how they make you feel and how sexy it is to have sex while listening to the rain or thunder. This week this is a journal prompt. Write about a time you had sex during the rain, the sound, the feelings or if you have a “sound maker” go ahead and use it or the real rain this month and make the atmosphere that you can write about in your journal anytime this month!

Take your Sir into the storm……. then let him take you …. XOXOX lk