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International Bunny Rabbit Day | Wear Your Ears Day

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September 25 All day


Every year on the fourth Saturday of September, International Rabbit Day celebrates the long ears and short tails of the bunny rabbit, promoting the protection and care of domestic and wild rabbits. Time worn bunnies have consistently symbolized the moon, prosperity, abundance, good luck, fertility and rebirth. The bunny rabbit represents the arrival of spring and the Easter Holiday.

How to Celebrate Bunny Rabbit Day Vanilla

  • Adopt a bunny rabbit.
  • Share Images of Bunny Rabbits on your Social Media or here on the community activity page.
  • Post Everywhere #subMrsInternationalRabbitDay
  • Go to a Bunny Festival.
  • Watch a Rabbit Movie or Read a Book; Roger Rabbit, Bambi, Peter Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland, Velveteen Rabbit and Watership Down.
  • If you have a bunny already, make sure to give them special care and more carrots!
  • Purchase and wear your bunny ears! Make sure to be a proud member of “The Warren” (subMrs)!

Happy International Bunny Rabbit Day submissives!

“I’m late, I’m late! -LK