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Happily Married Husband and Wife Week

Happily Married Husband and Wife Week, Marriage's Sexiest Secret, Using Dominance and Submission in your Marriage, subMrs, husDOM

August has set aside a week for Happily Married Couples to celebrate, August 26-31. This week is Happily Married Husband and Wife Week. This week is a time for all couples of Married Dominance and Submission to celebrate their happiness in all things they do!

Your spouse, they should be your best friend. You take pride in them and your life together. They know what you need and want to give you all your heart desires. Holding your hand, they have been with you through triumphs and tragedies. They are the ones who love you when you are at your worst and encourage you to be always be your best. Your partner in crime, your ride and die, the one sitting beside you in a cell!

How do you celebrate such a wonderful week and add that TWIST of Dominance and Submission? You will have to read the article to find out and attend our great live video chat to find out! We will have ideas and inspirations all week long for members to participate in, having sexy fun, all while deepening their intimacy with their spouses.

  • What is Marriage’s Sexiest Secret?
  • What are the Relationship Foundations that D|s-M is built on?
  • How can using Dominance and Submission help a marriage?
  • Do I have to be the submissive type to be a submissive?
  • What kind of sexy ideas and inspirations can we do during Happily Married Husband and Wife Week?
  • Does the wife have to be the submissive?
  • All the above questions are asked frequently, the communities can you find these answers!


Interested in becoming part of the secret, Marriage’s Sexiest Secret? To become a member of our Dominance and submission Communities, please see links, subMrs.com and If your husband cares to sate his interests in becoming or learning about becoming a husDOM, send him this husDOM linkSee our August Promotion.

Want a taste of it all? We do monthly podcasts, subscribe to Marriage’s Sexiest Secret and husDOM podcasts!

Happy, Happily Married Husband and Wife Week!

August 26 August 31 EDT