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Full Super Worm Moon | What to Do on a Full Moon

March 28, 2021 All day

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Full SUPER Worm Moon

The moon will be fullest at 2:48 p.m. ET on Sunday afternoon, according to NASA. This will be the year’s first supermoon, meaning the moon is slightly closer to Earth and therefore appears bigger and brighter in the sky. The Worm supermoon is the fourth brightest moon of 2021, according to Earth Sky.

At this time, the lunar energy is felt on the evening of and the evenings before and after the full moon. So, look for the spectacularly bright full Moon as it rises above the horizon!

Why Worm Moon?

Earthworms and grubs emerge from their winter dormancy when temperatures rise, marking a sure sign of spring! This thaw makes way for the robins and other birds to come and feed. Consequently, this full Moon is nicknamed, Worm Moon. 

First Super Moon of 2021

The full Moon this month is the first of three super moons in 2021—the next two occur on April 7th and May 7th. Thanks to its super moon status, this year’s Worm Moon is called the Full Super Worm Moon!  Let’s just hope that the worms don’t take that to heart.

The Full Moon represents the end of the lunar cycle. Meanwhile, a “Super Moon” is the point of the Moon’s orbit around Earth where it’s closest to our planet, known as perigee. Therefore, the proximity of the Moon to Earth causes the Moon to appear especially larger and brighter. Additionally, “Super moon” is also a syzygy (/ˈsizijē/). This means the Moon, Sun, and Earth are configured into a straight line. 

What to do on a Full Super Moon

First: Gather Supplies. Supply List: paper, pen, bowl of water, candle, lighter Optional: preferred essential oil, favorite crystals

Second: Relax. Find a comfy spot, where you are not distracted, in order to relax. At this time, place the paper/pen, bowl of water, and candle/lighter, essential oil and favorite crystal (if using) nearby.

Now, light your candle and take three deep breaths. You can also use your preferred essential oil or favorite crystal.

Third: Release. Reflect on your submission. Write down whatever comes to mind. Include anything that is not serving your submission. Carefully, use the flame from the candle to burn the paper. Lastly, blow out the flame and drop the paper in the bowl of water, as a safety precaution.

Fourth: Manifest. Last but not least, on a new sheet of paper write down exactly what your submission looks like to you. Go crazy! Let the lunar energy of the full Super Worm Moon fill you with excitement. You will see the subMrs you want to become. Now, describe yourself. Specifically, jot down thoughts, feelings, and desires. After you have outlined your subMrs in detail, fold the paper and hold it to your heart. Then, close your eyes and imagine you are her. Finally, put the folded paper a safe place. In the future you will be able to read what you wrote and you will be amazed at the transformation!

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