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Full Strawberry Moon | How to Celebrate | Join the Energy and Spirituality Focus Group

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June 24, 2021 All day

Tonight is the Full Strawberry Moon. Find out more by joining the Spiritual Meaning and Ritual of the Strawberry Full Moon with our Energy and Spirituality Focus Group. Chat about what sexy rituals and journaling ideas our community group heads, Kleine and Syrce have in mind.

Celebrate the Full Strawberry Moon Tonight!

Do you love strawberries? Strawberries and Summer go together! They always make us think of our youth! Now is the time to celebrate both with your Sir. Tonight, let go of your workload and a time of healing, present, today and the future. After all, it is the beginning of summer.

Celebrate with your Sir tonight with STRAWBERRY WINE, Daiquiri or Margaritas !!

Don’t miss out on all of the subMrs fun!! Become an Elite Member today and join our Spirituality and Energy Submissive Group!

If your husband is interested in becoming a Dominant husband and Leader, send him this link!

Marriages Sexiest Secret, D/s-M

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