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Full Flower Supermoon Eclipse| subMrs Energy and Spirituality

May 26, 2021 All day

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May’s Full Moon has a lot going on! This years Full Flower Moon is very special. In May 2021, the Full Flower Moon is also a Supermoon and an Eclipse, it will also be called the “blood moon” in some parts of the world. That’s a mouthful! Full Flower Supermoon Eclipse, aka

So, let’s unpack what’s going on with May’s moon.

First, we already know that the full moon is the mid-way point of the lunar cycle and represents release. But, why is May’s Full Moon called the Flower Moon? Aprils Showers bring May Flowers. That’s the short of it. May is the month that flowers begin to spring up in the garden. Therefore, it is called the Full Flower Moon.

Second, what makes this months moon a supermoon? Well, the moon happens to be closest to Earth during this full moon, so it appears larger and brighter.

Third, what is a total lunar eclipse anyway? A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth is directly in the middle of the sun and the moon. Unfortunately, the Earth is blocking the sun from shining on the moon. Instead, the Earth casts a red tint across the moon.

And finally, what is the red moon? Yep, you guessed it, the moon is called the “red moon” during a total lunar eclipse because the Earth is casting a red shadow across the moon.

Beware, it is a full flower supermoon eclipse!

In Western North America and Western South America, along with Eastern Asia and Oceana May’s full flower supermoon will also be a total lunar eclipse.

Ancient cultures believed that the disappearing moon (eclipse) was an evil omen. Hindu scriptures, known as Ved Vyas, have recorded that the demon god (Rahu) holds the sun and the moon by the mouth causing the eclipse. And well, since Rahu is a demon god, that meant the eclipsed moon radiated negative energy. Many still believe today, that an eclipsed moon is radiating negative energy, but for different reasons So, no matter how tempting this big beautiful moon may be, this is not the time to make moon water or charge your crystals with the moons energy.

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