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Freakout Line | Masochists, What Are You Scared Of?

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This chat may be a Trick or a Treat? Are you afraid? No clowning around, fear is real! Where is your freakout line? What is a freakout line? A boundary that you have placed on yourself, where you experience frightening feelings or even hallucinations.  Your fear can cause you to experience scenes of unrestrained excitement or irrational behavior.

What scares the sub out of you? As this is the official scare the “bejeebies” out of everyone month, AKA, October. CUM to chat and let’s talk about what scares the subMrs right out of you!  Let’s explore your fears!

Your terror, does it LIVE where you have set a limit? A particular edge play you dread ? The idea of Clown Play giving you the bejeebies? Come bare your soul and share your freakout line, your experiences, and your survival stories inside pain play and masochism with group leader, star, for a memorable night of fear mongering.

Warning; Clown-Mongering may or may not be involved! If you love clowns… wear your clown nose and bring your RED balloon along with any apparel to the chat! Amazon Prime your clown nose today and get ready to “Penny” everyone!

October 19 @ 9:00 pm 10:00 pm EDT

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