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First Love Day | Celebrate All Your Firsts

First Love Day, Married Dominance and Submission, D|s-M, subMrs, husDOM, Journey of Dominance and Submission, Celebrate all your firsts

September 18 All day

September 18th…Ahhh, first love Day! That first butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling, first date, first spark you felt with that special romantic someone. Today, you celebrate ALL YOUR FIRSTS vanilla and kinky with your partner!

We have all encountered love with someone we admire, someone who Ignited that indescribable feeling of first love. For some, that person is now a fond (or not so fond) memory. However some lucky ones have remained with that special someone. When we were young, we were attracted to confidence, smile, and even athletic abilities…and the body!

Love has no start date, but it began when the first human took their first step into this world. Love is a feeling and an emotion that we can give to others as well as receive back without limit.

TTWD- This Thing We Do

In practicing TTWD, Married Dominance and submission, we experience many “firsts”. Our first experience with bondage. First anal play. First cuffs and/or collar. First downtime. All of these firsts are special and important in some way because they strengthen our relationship, our trust, our dynamic. We learn together, as husDOM and subMrs, how to navigate this magical journey that we are on.

To celebrate First Love Day, sit down with your spouse and think back to when you FIRST KNEW, without doubt, that Married Dominance and submission was what you wanted for your marriage. Did you ask for this journey, or did your husDOM bring it to you? What was your formal acceptance like? Which first D|s-M experience is your forever favorite activity….that one thing that can always make your heart pump faster and your toes tingle and the butterflies fly in your stomach!