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Fall is in The Air | Spiritual Catch Up | Spirituality Group

Fall is in The Air, Spiritual Catch Up, Spirituality Group, subMrs, Autumns Arrival, Community Live Chat, D|s-M

Autumn’s arrival. The air begins to charge as the veil thins. Distinct changes happen not only in temperature but smell. Fall’s crispness is in the air. Please join Group Leader, Kliene for a great Autumn Arrival discussion and a spiritual catch up this month on September 17th, 9pm E. September’s Spiritual Calendar contains Mabon, Autumn Equinox and a Harvest Moon! You can actually feel the energy changing in the air as we approach the thinnest veil. Join the spirituality group for their new monthly gatherings where we all can sit around in a virtual circle and hold hands and make spiritual energy together!

We ask you bring along a candle of your choice and light it during the chat to signify the gathering.

  • Zoom live video chat link is posted 15 minutes before scheduled chat time in the subMrs General Chat Room.
  • Video and audio are optional for our new or shy subMrs
  • Elite Members Only

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September 17 @ 9:00 pm 10:00 pm EDT

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