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Energy and Spirituality Focus Group | New Moon Tonight | Planting Seeds

May 11, 2021 All day

new moon, energy, spirituality, feminine energy, submissive journal prompt, submissive moon ritual

Energy and Spirituality Focus Group

New Moon Tonight

Planting Seeds

Tonight is the NEW MOON! What to do during a NEW MOON? Let our Energy and Spirituality Focus Group help you out! The word moon is derived from the Latin word metri, meaning to measure and mensis which means month. The moon is a female energy. We refer to the moon as she. She was given her name because she in the past was used to measure the months of the year.

Many rituals take place during this time of the month because it is the beginning of the lunar cycle. The new lunar cycle begins when she, the moon is in alignment between the sun and Earth. When this happens, the sun is not illuminating the moon so it blends in with the night sky making it the darkest night of the month. This also means that, for astronomers, there is no moon in the sky.

Many ceremonies, holidays, and rituals from various cultures are based on the phases of the moon in the lunar cycle since the new moon marks the beginning of the month in the lunar cycle. For example, there is a gardening ritual that promotes beginning plantings above ground garden vegetables between the new and the full moon.

You can also use this ritual in your dynamic’s garden, your SECRET GARDEN. Set intensions this night! Plant those seeds on new moon….. Using the NEW MOON put your new energy in the right place in your submission …. at the right time. Start tonight!

Ways to Celebrate the New Moon

How and what do you plant in your journey for the NEW MOON? Looking for ways to harness the feminine energy of the New Moon? Join the subMrs Energy and Spirituality Focus Group where subMrs Kleine and Syrce will help you celebrate holidays with rituals, journal prompts and ideas for all your subMrs spirituality and energy.

Happy New Moon!


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