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Mar 7

Dominance and submission Exercise | Orgasmic Meditation, OMing

March 7, 2019

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Dominance and submission Exercise

Orgasmic Meditation, OMing

This month’s topic is sexual energy.  I wanted our offer our PREMIUM couples an opportunity to explore something called Orgasmic Meditation or OMing.  This month we want to do a Dominance and submission exercise.  I know you subMrs LOVE these exercises/challenges.  This is similar to orgasm control, Orgasm training or edging. But, this is a way to share sexual energy in a way with your husband that you may not have ever in your scenes or play in Dominance and submission. If you would like to participate in our couples Dominance and submission exercise then please, read my blog post and have your husDOM, Dominant husband read his copy on www.husDOM.com then practice Oming or Orgasmic Meditation until our scheduled premium couples live video chat, 3/29/19.  We will discuss together our experiences with OMing. Also, Join us for our Premium submissive video chat about sexual energy on 3/18/19.