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Community Toast | Giving Thanks for Those We’ve Lost | Couples Chat

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Today, Thanksgiving, we give thanks for everything that has been done for us in the past year. It’s the day for WORDS… Words of thanks, words of appreciation, words that express our gratitude. Our expression love to friends, family and God. Some of us given yet another chance to make the next year the best yet! Tonight is our Spirits Night, our Couples Chat.

The community has formed a tradition every Thanksgiving to pause for a quick toast/shot for all those we have lost. We will cum together in a couples chat so please join Mr. Fox and I on Thanksgiving Evening for a 10pm (E) toast to all those we loved and have lost.

*Each couple will have a chance to tell about the person that they lost. You can share or not share. We all are thankful for those that have been part of our lives… Let’s give thanks together!

Happiest of Thanksgiving Wishes!

Mr. Fox & LK

November 25 @ 10:00 pm 10:30 pm EST

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