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Bell-Mount Stakes | Couples Challenge | Third Deadline

Marriage's Sexiest Secret, Couples Challenge

June 11 All day

The third and final leg on the path to the Triple Crown is the Belmont Stakes. Run at Belmont Park near New York City, it is nicknamed “The Test of the Champion” and is the oldest of the three Triple Crown events. Today is the 154th running of the Belmont Stakes. Justify won the 150th Belmont Stakes in 2018 to becum the 13th Triple Crown champion. Alas, there will be no Triple Crown champion this year. But no matter…. There’s always next year!!

Bell-Mount Stakes

Congratulations to our challenge winners so far! Today is the final deadline in our Marriage’s Sexiest Secret Triple Crown Push for the Plug Couples Challenge. We have all had a wonderful time on this Road to the Crown! Please be sure to get your entries in no later than midnight tonight in the Sex Toy and Tools Workshop Group on subMrs.com. You don’t want to miss out on this third and final jewel.

This challenge should include all required items from the first challenge (bit, crop, lead, etc)…. As well as bondage items from the second challenge (harnesses, restraints, cuffs, rope, etc). For this final challenge, each team should add your own “mounting block” in order for the husDOM “jockey” to mount his beautiful subMrs filly. Use your imagination…..this can be as simple as a stool, ottoman, or sawhorse, to as elaborate as a saddle stand or spanking bench. Just make sure your filly is securely bound to make mounting easier. Furthermore, extra points will be awarded for incorporating bells in the scene/challenge. (Helpful Hint….You can find some bell nipple clamps in the Fox and Hare Shop! Wink, Wink) This can be in any way you wish…. let your imagination run free!

After all entries are entered by midnight, points will be tallied by the judges. A special live Couples chat will be held tomorrow to announce the final winner, and allow everyone to be congratulated on a well-run “Run for the Carnations”! Also, be sure to wear your team colors to the chat so we can all admire the beauty of the silks.

“And down the stretch they come!”


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