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Be Bald and Be Free Day | Shave it and Go Commando Day

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October 14 All day

Be Bald and Be Free Day celebrates the naked crown. Baldness is sexy and comes in several forms. Whether partial or total, it is beautiful.  You don’t have to be bald to celebrate this day. But, it helps. People who are married to, or related to, a bald headed person can celebrate with the honoree.  Zero tolerance for bald jokes today!  Rather, today is a day to cherish and appreciate the freedom that comes with being bald. Be bald and be free! While the rest of us are spending money on haircuts, hair shampoo, hair sprays, combs, and such, the bald guy/gal is smiling as they save money and time.

So, enjoy your freedom if you are bald, as you celebrate today.  You can also celebrate the freedom that a bald pussy brings.  Do you wax or shave? Does your Sir prefer complete smoothness, a landing strip, or perhaps something else entirely different? Going hairless provides increased sensation and unobstructed access for your Sir’s pleasure. Both men and women can Shave it & Go Commando. Does your Sir shave or wax? Do you like for HIM to be smooth and hairless? There are many products on the market now created especially for shaving or waxing that most sensitive area.

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