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April Full Pink Moon | Submissive Journal Prompt | Astrology

April 26, 2021 All day

April Full Pink Moon

Submissive Journal Prompt

On April 27th we will enjoy April’s Full Pink Moon. It happens to be the first of two super moons this year. Traditionally, a super moon is 7% bigger and 15% brighter than a regular full moon. Furthermore, this months full moon is also known as the Pink Moon because the beautiful pink wildflower, moss phlox, blooms.

April Full Pink Moon Ritual

The full moon is the part of the lunar cycle that represents letting go. This is the day of the month to let go of anything not serving you. By letting go we make room for new ideas and experiences.

Rituals to enjoy during the April Full Pink Moon:

(1) First, write a letter to yourself about anything you want to let go. Now, this could include any negative habits or anything not serving you at this time. Second, burn it as a symbol of letting it go. Be sure to have a bowl of water near by to put out the flame. Remember, be gentle with yourself! April’s Full Pink Moon is all about making space for the new.

(2) Draw a warm bath and add Pink Himalayan salt. Invite your husDOM to join you in a relaxing bath for two.

(3) If it’s warm enough outside enjoy dancing around a bonfire with your husDOM. Wear something pretty and pink. If not, prepare a romantic snack for two and enjoy the big beautiful moon through a nearby window.

And remember, April’s Full Super Moon is a great time to enjoy a scene. The full moon encourages lots of flesh on flesh fun!!

Submissive, (subMrs) Journal Prompt

Grab your submissive journal. Enjoy the brightness of April’s Full Super Moon to journal what you are letting go of this month. Also, this is also a great time to write a fantasy for your husDOM!


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